Riding the Eastern Shore Trail

2018-02-02 Eastern Shore TrailThe Eastern Shore Trail extends from I-10 at the Spanish Fort scenic overlook along the course of US 98 and Scenic 98 through Daphne, Montrose, Fairhope and Point Clear, and ending at Weeks Bay.

The 23-mile varied-surface trail consists of concrete sidewalks and asphalt, elevated boardwalks and low bridges, shared by runners, pedestrians, and casual cyclists.

“I walked the entire length on my birthday last week. Thanks trail blazers”

From the Spanish Fort scenic overlook on US Hwy 98, just north of the I-10 overpass, the trail continues south, under I-10 to Gator Alley boardwalk and along North Main Street in Daphne. It crosses US Hwy 98 at the beginning of Scenic 98, and continues through Olde Towne Daphne and scenic Montrose.

“We biked the trails along the coast from Fairhope and loved it. We are from Indiana.”

The trail runs past the Fairhope Flower Clock and winds toward downtown Fairhope, passes the Fairhope Colony Cemetery and Fairhope Pier, weaves through Battles Wharf toward Marriott Grand Hotel in Point Clear. Five more miles along Scenic Hwy 98 takes you across the highway at the County Road 1 curve. There, users can turn right toward Mullet Point Park on Mobile Bay or turn left to reach the trail’s terminus under the Weeks Bay Bridge on Hwy 98.


Historic site along the trail

Terrain: North of Fairhope, in the Montrose area, the Trail is hilly in places. South of Fairhope Municipal Pier, the Trail is mostly flat.

“We enjoy the trail between the Fairhope Pier and the Grand Hotel.”

Parking options:

  • Spanish Fort – The Scenic Overlook at Larry Dee Canyer Drive (at US 90/98 & I-10 exit 35) has parking, restrooms, fountains, vending machines.
  • Daphne:  Parks and public buildings are located along the route in Daphne.
  • Fairhope:  Public parking at Fairhope Pier and downtown Parking Deck (located behind Hampton Inn on Section Street).
  • Mullet Point: From Fairhope, head south on US98 Alt E/Mobile Ave (Mobile Bay on your right) to Magnolia Ave/Co. 1 (where US 98 Alt breaks away to the east) to Mullet Point Park (located at 13201 County Road 1 in Barnwell).


Things to See and Do Along the Trail

Alligator Trail Aug 2012

Bike Rental locations

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