Developing Trails  *   Promoting Safety  *  Educating our Communities

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  • est-map_140306_w254_o8Developing Trails:  Creators and stewards of the Eastern Shore Trail – a National Recreation Trail connecting communities on both shores of scenic Mobile Bay.

estkiosk_wbdr_ps-o8EST-trail-marker_7F5339_trans_w226 Nat Rec Trail logo

  • Promoting Safety:   Working with local governments and communities to improve the safety of streets, sidewalks, and trails for pedestrians and bicyclists.

BF13_tandem_Amaidens_w236x212_o6  Patricia Gail on Pedicab

  • Educating our Communities:  Working with schools and local groups to promote healthy lifestyle choices.
Audrey at Bicycle Fest

Fairhope High Girls Service Club volunteer at Bike Fest

Vintage Tweed Ride 2013 cropped

Vintage Tweed Ride – 2013

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One thought on “HOME

  1. I feel the negative feedback on traillink.com is quite unfair, we have a great trail. Hopefully, we can alert our members and users to submit ratings on this or other sites when we see undue criticism. I do not think we are trying to sell our trail as something it is not, but rather making sure others know what it is.


    Bill Harrison
    Point Clear


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