Who We Are

Developing Trails  *   Promoting Safety  *  Educating our Communities

est-map_140306_w254_o8Baldwin County Trailblazers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing walking and biking trails in Baldwin County, Ala., and educating its citizens about the advantages and safe use of non-motorized transportation to promote healthy lifestyles.

As part of our mission, we are stewards of the Eastern Shore Trail, a National Recreation Trail connecting Spanish Fort to Weeks Bay. Other initiatives include the Walking School Bus, Bike to School sponsor and Bike Valet Parking at special events.

estkiosk_wbdr_ps-o8EST-trail-marker_7F5339_trans_w226 Nat Rec Trail logoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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7 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. We biked the trails along the coast from Fairhope, Al and loved it. We are from Indiana and felt the trails were very good.


  2. Please email me and tell me what should be done to put signs along Scenic Hwy. 98 to tell folks not to park on the sidewalk. Can we arrange a fine for doing so?


    • There are some “no parking” signs along the trail. It is against the law to park on the trail or sidewalks, so please feel free to contact the policing agencies when you see violations. Thanks for your concern for our lovely Eastern Shore Trail.


    • There are no formal plans at this time, but connecting to the east side of the Week Bay Bridge and on toward Magnolia Springs has always been a long-range goal of the Trailblazers. A funding source and a building campaign are needed to put that project in motion. Contact us if you’d like to help or have suggestions!


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