What We Do


Baldwin County Trailblazers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing or enhancing walking and biking trails in Baldwin County, Alabama, and encouraging citizens to adopt safe use of bike and pedestrian options for a healthy lifestyle.

As part of our mission, we are stewards of the Eastern Shore Trail, a National Recreation Trail connecting Spanish Fort to Weeks Bay, and promoters of a pedestrian and bike friendly community. The Walking School Bus and Bike Valet Parking are Trailblazer programs.

A Little History about a Big Project

Baldwin County Trailblazers was founded as a nonprofit in 1995 to raise funds to develop The Eastern Shore Trail, a 23-mile multi-surface path, stretching from Spanish Fort to Weeks Bay.

To keep up with us, read the 2018 newsletter.

EST-trail-marker_7F5339_trans_w226 Nat Rec Trail logoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stories or photos of Trail adventures? Share them via email.   info@thetrailblazers.org

To follow Trailblazers news, events and updates,

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